инструкция по заправке картриджа для HP 2500/2550/1500 - "Картридж"

К сожалению инструкция - Заправка картриджа HP 2500/2550/1500 имеется только на английском языке.

1. Remove the three screws that hold the end cap (gearless side) in place as shown (note that one screw will be smaller than the other two).

2. End cap removed.
3. Remove the two screws on the opposite side (with gears) that hold the end cap in place. 4. Remove the end cap. Note the position of the gears before removing them.
5. Remove the gears and set them aside. RECYCLING TIP Clean the electrical contacts located at the ends of the end cap. 6. Remove the two screws that hold the stabilizer plate in place. This plate supports both the developer roller and the toner transfer roller.
7. Stabilizer plate removed. 8. Remove the two screws on the opposite side (gearless) that hold in place the plate near the toner fill plug.
9. Plate removed. 10. Remove the developer roller as shown.

11. Do not lose the white

bearings located at the ends of the developer roller.

REMOVING THE DOCTOR BLADE 12 First, use a small flathead screwdriver to pry off the back of the doctor blade cover as shown.
13. Doctor blade cover removed. 14. Second, remove the two screws that hold the doctor blade in place as shown.
15. Third, using an x-acto knife carefully cut away the adhesive gum that seals the back ends of the doctor blade and the plastic cartridge. NOTE: You will need to re-seal the back ends of the doctor blade onto the cartridge using a similar adhesive or caulking before reinstalling it. 16. Doctor blade removed. Be careful not to lose the small spring at the end of the doctor blade.
REMOVING THE OEM CHIP 17. Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry off the chip that is glued to the top of the cartridge as shown. 18. Once the chip is removed, a new one must be fitted before the cartridge is complete.
REMOVING THE TONER FILL PLUG 19. Using a small flathead screwdriver, remove the toner fill plug as shown. 20. Toner fill plug removed. Clean out the residual toner thoroughly using compressed air or a vacuum.
REPLACING THE DOCTOR BLADE SEALING FOAM 21. Using a scalpel, cut away a small portion of the foam so that you can easily pull out the rest with your hand. NOTE: If you are not replacing the doctor blade foam seal, skip directly to step 23: “Reinstalling the Doctor Blade.” 22. Use Uninet Doctor Blade Sealing Foam strip #9949. Peel off the self-adhesive backing and apply the foam carefully as shown.
REINSTALLING THE DOCTOR BLADE 23. First, apply gum adhesive or caulking to the back ends of the doctor blade to re-seal it onto the plastic cartridge. Reinstall the doctor blade screws and spring. REFILLING AND REASSEMBLING THE CARTRIDGE 24. Refill the toner cartridge. Recap and reassemble following the previous cartridge “disassembly” steps in reverse. Вообщем вот так производится заправка картриджа HP.
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